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You'd better believe it

Title: You'd better believe it
Genre: Cross-over (briefly) Merlin/One Foot in the Grave/mention of BtVS
Rating: Blue Cortina (for those not familiar with my Life on Mars rating system, that’s PG, possibly PG-13)
“Pairings”: Victor/Uther, Merlin/Arthur, Uther/Gaius, Morganna/Gwen and Margaret has a bit of a thing for ASH.
Spoilers: not really, fleeting references to things that have been faced
Wordcount: 1,832
The Reduced notes: This is leyenns and possibly flip18s fault and may have been the result of buying leyenn the word 'Slash' for christmas for charidee, but her not getting her certificate for two weeks. The concept may however have been my idea, so just this once, I'll take some of the blame!
Additional actual fic related notes: I’m pretty sure they killed Victor off, just to make sure there could never ever be another Christmas special. *shrugs* its not like the whole thing isn’t cracked anyway. Credit to solarcat05 for the inspiration for My Little Camelot playset. Also, My Little Pony Crystal Rainbow Castle is a real thing. *cries*

For Leyenn… I hope you look after your word better than I did ;) Hope you like it. Everyone else... don't say you weren't warned!Collapse )

Starlaces Livejournal is Friends Only

This Livejournal is Friends Only.

If you want to read my muppety ramblings please friend me and when I eventually notice (which hopefully won't be too long) I'll friend you back. Let me know if you're friending me to keep track of the music vids (should I ever manage any more *sigh*) or you know, you'd actually like read the rest of it.


This is what happens when you combine not being able to use my PC because it's ripping BSG pilot so I can do another vid without the scifi logo plastered all over it and I listen to 'all tracks random' on Greebo. Many moons ago there was a show call The Tribe...

Abe Messiah

I can't seem to be bothered to do any of the more angsty ones I have ideas for at the moment, I think it's because I want to be cheered up, not depressed more!


BSG music vid - She's Electric

You may remember a while ago I did I poll to ask what I should do next, this won (after the Beatles Doctor Who medley), so I finally did it. It's to one of my favourite oasis songs that makes hardly any sense at all.

Everyone wants to be electric! Erm, its about the cylons.

She's Electric


BSG music vid

It became quite apparent to me while doing this that I really don't know Battlestar as well as Doctor Who. Ah well, worked out in the end!



Behold I finally finished it

Ye olde Beatles Megamix Doctor Who vid

It's just over 6 minutes long and contains bits of 9 Beatles songs *clears throat*

1. Daytripper - Rose is one
2. I Want to Hold Your Hand - take a wild guess
3. We Can Work It Out - but sometimes they argue
4. I Feel Fine - but really it's ok
5. Hello, Goodbye - sometimes there are other people there
6. Help - its all about the running, and rolling around on the floor, and nekid Nine. Bummer
7. Get Back - then there was Jack
8. She Loves You - but time and space conspire to separate our heros
9. All You Need is Love - DW, big ole lovefest really!

just so you know what you're getting!

Beatles Medley

Doctor Who vid

Please Remember - A Doctor/Rose vid, eps from the whole season

11mb version here:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And now I really must try and figure out how to put a banner up there ^ which is what I was putting off when I was making this. I may be some time...

Doctor Who vid

Despite the fact that there is more than enough material to make this just about Jack (or indeed all about the Doctor or all about Rose (have a horrible feeling I'm going to end up doing 'the lady is a tramp')) in the end I decided to make it Jack and Nine... and try not to think about redoing it three times

Image hosted by Photobucket.com


Doctor Who music vid

Can You Feel The Love Tonight sung by John Barrowman, which meant it just had to be done. Am so far resisting urge to do another of his songs... so far... *face-palm*

Can You Feel The Love Tonight?

Music Vid

1st ever music vid proper.

Clips from everything up to Dalek. Full quota of the hand pron. 14.5mb

Song is Dark Horse by Amanda Marshall

Dark Horse

next time remind me to pick a shorter song!